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Stone Sock Fibers

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You've found me!  I'm Amy Tyler.

And my business name is Stone Sock Fibers.

  • I spin
  • I knit
  • I teach spinning and knitting
  • I design knitted stuff and write patterns
  • I write about spinning and knitting
  • I've started weaving


I'm a fiber artist. Yarn is my medium.
I offer lessons and workshops in spinning and knitting.
You can find descriptions of my workshops by clicking on the button on the left, My Workshops.
Click on the button on the left, Events Schedule, to see where I'll be teaching or presenting in the near future.
Amy Tyler
Stone Sock Fibers
19687 Maple St.
Lake Ann, MI  49650

Visit my blog

Click Here  to download a free pattern for my Wrist Wraps.  They feature garter stitch, I-cord edges, and I-cord buttonholes.  The pattern is a pdf file.