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Stone Sock Fibers

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In 2004, I left a job in academia to become a fiber artist and to return to my home state of Michigan.

Now I live in lovely Northwestern Lower Michigan where I create handspun yarns, design knitted items, teach spinning & knitting, and write about spinning & knitting.

Why "Stone Sock"?

My father had a cottage on Silver Lake near Traverse City, Michigan.  When we were kids, my sister, Meg, and I spent many hours collecting stones and rocks along the lake shore.  As adults, we are still avid rock hounds.  On one visit to the cottage in 2003, Meg was examining a pile of stones and exclaimed, "Hey, Amy...Look!"  Then she showed me a stone that looked like a foot wearing a sock.  The name of my fiber business was born in that moment!  The stone in question is in the picture above, along with a ceramic sheep that my sister also gave me.


To see my fiber arts resume, click on the link on the left, Fiber Arts Resume.