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I offer workshops in spinning, knitting, and both!  Workshop durations range from 3 contact hours to 18 contact hours.  Contact hours (and workshop content) are adjustable.


Materials fees are subject to change.


Here are the workshop titles.  To see complete descriptions click on the tab to the left,  Workshop Descriptions.


Spinning Workshops

            12-18 contact hours

                        Spinning with Commercial Yarns

Spinning North American Wools

Playing with Plying

Woolen – Worsted Continuum

6 contact hours

Beginning Spinning on the Wheel

                        Creating the Yarn You Want

                        Diversity of Wool

                        Blending Colors at the Wheel

                        Spinning with Commercial Yarns

                        Spinning with Locks

                        Spinning Super Stretchy Wools

            3 contact hours

                        Mechanics of Your Wheel

                        Spinning with Silk Hankies

                        Variations on Long Draw

                        Variations on Short Draw

                        Plying Balanced Yarns

                        Plying for Texture

                        Ply This Way, Ply That Way

                        Spinning Marl Yarns

                        Beginning Spindle Spinning

                        The Basics of Flick Carding

Knitting Workshops

            12-18 contact hours

Slip Stitch Knitting

6 contact hours

            Slip Stitch Knitting

                        Pull, Pleat, Curl, and Bias

                        Matching Yarn to Project & Project to Yarn

            3 contact hours

Exploring Basic Slip Stitches

                        Extended and Manipulated Slip Stitches

                        I-Cord Edges and More!

                        Circles and Polygons: Knitting Petoskey Stone Medallions

                        I Heart Duplicate Stitch

                        Diversity of Wool

                        The Surprising Yarn-Over

                        Seams to Be

Spinning & Knitting Workshops

            15-18 contact hours

Spin-Knit Nexus

            6 contact hours

Spinning & Knitting Energized Singles

                        Spinning & Knitting Silk Hankies

                        Spinning & Knitting Goat Fibers


You can find my current teaching schedule by clicking on the tab to the left, Events Schedule.