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My approach to knit design is informed by both my fine arts background and my science background.  I focus on texture and structure. I am especially drawn to slip stitches, I-cord, and garter stitch.

Cayce Hat, 2012

I started designing and knitting this hat June 9, 2012, and I finished it on June 13:  a quick knit from two handspun yarns.  The fibers are CVM wool, Teeswater wool, and silk.  I absolutely love the buttons.  I had only a couple feet of yarn left when I finished the hat.  You can find more details on my blog, June 26, 2012.




Babes is Beautiful, 2012

This shawl is knitted from the center out, using three different thicknesses of yarns that I spun from a lovely Merino wool fleece from a sheep named “Babes”.  It is not a large shawl, but it does cover the shoulders and is deliciously soft.  You can find more details about it on my blog, April 21, 2012.




Wool into Stone, 2012

I’ve continued to make Petoskey stone themed items.  Here is an afghan that I’ve knitted for my sister, Jo.  The yarns are all natural colors of Shetland wool, all handspun.




Slip Stitch Wrist Warmers, 2011

I designed these fingerless mitts to use a handspun yarn that contained “intermittent wraps”.  To accentuate the sections of the yarn that were wrapped, I slipped the stitches where the wraps occurred, causing the wraps to hang out in front of the knitted fabric.  I wear these mitts while reading in bed during the winter.  Very cozy.



Sylvia's Sylvia, 2011

I created these socks for my friend, Sylvia VM.  They are made from yarns that I spun from a bit of fleece from a CVM sheep named “Sylvia”.  The sheep was named after my friend.  You can find more details of this project on my blog.  See the last entry on April 15, 2011.


Tattoo, 2011

This sweater-jacket is knitted from yarns I spun from the fleeces of two sheep who reside in Duluth, Minnesota:  Lucy and Lacy.  The duplicate stitch embellishments made me think of tattoos, thus the name of the piece.  My sister, Meg, now owns this jacket.  Details of this project can be found on my blog.  See January 23, 2011 for its beginning, and March 20, 2011 for its completion.



3 X 3 = 10, 2010

I designed this shawl using 10 different 3-ply yarns that I spun from three different natural colors of wool.  I wrote an article about it which was published in Spin Off magazine in the Fall 2011 issue.  Vivienne K. is the model here.





Petosegay -- Sunbeams of Promise, 2009

The state stone of Michigan is the petoskey stone (Hexagonaria percarinatae).  It derives its name from the Odawa,“Petosegay”, which translates to “Sunbeams of Promise” according to The Complete Guide to Petoskey Stones by B. Mueller and W. H. Wilde.  Although petoskey stones can be found outside of Michigan, the finest examples are most plentiful in northwestern lower Michigan.  This wall hanging is a knitted representation of the petoskey stone.  It is made of undyed, natural colors of Shetland wool.  The background was wet felted.  The foreground is composed of hand spun and hand knitted “medallions” that were crocheted together.


Before and After, 2008The idea for this sweater-jacket started to develop in 2004, before I left Nebraska to move to Michigan.  The main idea was to combine two handspun yarns:  one that was spun and then dyed, and one that was dyed and then spun.  Later, I decided that I wanted each section of the jacket to be knitted in a different slip stitch pattern.  I used Bluefaced Leicester combed top to spin.  And I commissioned Nancy Finn, of Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks to do the dyeing for me.  The resulting jacket now belongs to Carol S., who is modelling it in the first picture.



Dream in Green, 2007

In 1995, the design for this shawl came to me in a dream, nearly in toto.  The shawl in the picture is the second version of this shawl that I've knitted.  It is an oversized triangular shawl, with I-cord edges and fringe at the lower corner.  There is a garter stitch area that covers the shoulders, and a slip stitch diamond below the garter stitch area.  My friend, Sylvia V-M, is the model.  The pattern for this shawl is available.




Right Side Up?, 2006

The shawl collar of this jacket was based on the garter stitch triangle of my "dream" shawl.  I stayed with the garter stitch and triangle theme to create the rest of the jacket structure.  I spun the three yarns for this jacket from Romney (purple) and Romney-like wool (white).  I used my "blending at the wheel" technique to create the white/purple yarn.  My friend, Sylvia VM is the model.  She discovered that this jacket can be worn upside down to equal effect.  She now owns this sweater.