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Stone Sock Fibers

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Here are some upcoming events where I'll be teaching or presenting.
 Nov 4-6, 2016

Fall Fiber Retreat

Boyne Falls, Michigan

    Spinning & Knitting Goat Fibers

    Knitting Petoskey Stone Medallions 

 May 27-28, 2017
Great Lakes Fiber Show 2017
Wooster, Ohio
    Diversity of Wool
    Beginning Spindle Spinning
    Spinning with Silk Hankies 
 Jun 11-17, 2017Midwest Weaver's Conference 2017

Indianapolis, Indiana

    Creating the Yarn You Want

    Blending Colors at the Wheel

Jul 20-23, 2017

MidAtlantic Fiber Association Conference 2017

Millersville, Pennsylvania

    Woolen - Worsted Continuum